Inka Marka are often called one of the most famous "Unfamous " groups  in Australia. Their third album Auki Auki was nominated for an ARIA Award in 2000 for Best World Music Albums. With 14 CDs released over the past 20 years, Inka Marka have proved their longevity & popularity on the Australian world music stage.

Music of the Andes 

Andean music is traditional music from Bolivia, Peru, & Ecuador,  Inka Marka  combine the haunting melodies of the Panflute and Quena (bamboo flute) with rich sounds of the guitar and Charango (small ten string instrument) & Violin to achieve their origional and authentic style of music.

Performances are well received by audiences of all ages. The music includes strong lively songs, to slow, ethereal and mystical melodies of the Inka nation, of times past and almost forgotten. 

The band members have long individual careers as performers and entertainers both in Australia and overseas 

Inka Marka has performed throughout Australia, Singpore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia , Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Africa and the Americas and would now like to bring their unique blend of South American music to you.

 CURRENT  Members

Jose Diaz Rodriguez  ( Founding member ) 
Michel Bestrin  , Enrique Berbis Sanchez  
Karen Ivanyi  Moreta  , Limbert Angulo , Marco Lopez 

Former members  

Orlando Arias , John Paul Pincheira,  Rosamel Burgos,
Rodrigo Santelices , Cristian Seguin, Henry Saavedra
Jaime Carrasco , Juan Paredes  , Albaro Clavijo, 
Andrew Mellado , Jorge Cuiza , John Kendall , Christian Caicerdo